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Fully automated ASC 718 expense accounting.

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Powerful reporting in real time.

Upload past assumptions

If you have previously calculated assumptions, add interest rates, volatility measures, and expected life to eShares.

Formulas included for your auditors

We include every formula used in our reports, so your auditors have every detail they need to understand the numbers.

Simple and intuitive workflows

Generate your expense reports in minutes with our user-friendly workflow.

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Accurate and up-to-date cap table reporting

Export your cap table into Excel with a summary report, detailed ledgers, and ownership percentages.

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Instant round modeling

Prepare your next financing with our round modeling worksheet. Input the new investments to calculate post-round dilution.

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Robust reporting for every scenario.

Vesting report

See all the vesting events in your cap table. Confirm each vesting tranche for every stakeholder and security.

Understand your equity plan

Reconcile your equity plan with a detailed export of every transaction. Filter for shares granted, exercised and settled, or canceled and returned.

Full audit history

View the full audit trail of all transactions in your cap table to understand who did what, when.

Model terminations

Enter a termination date for any stakeholder to calculate vested and unvested shares, and last day and cost to exercise.

Analyze exit scenarios

Enter potential exit values to see the liquidation preference and payout for each share class. Jump to the detailed cap table to see payouts for each stakeholder.

Rule 701 check

Run checks on all three Rule 701 tests to ensure that your option grants are issued under compliance.

Ben Siscovick

It’s not every day I expect to be wowed by a cap table management company, but @eshares just wowed me. No doubt this company wins.

May 20th, 2016
Nora Abousteit

Really love using @eshares real-time cap table and electronic option and share offering. SO EASY.

January 13th, 2015
Auren Hoffman

i love eshares and recommend:

August 16th, 2016
Dave McClure

1 of the best posts you'll read all year. kudos @henrysward @eshares cc @500Startups

March 14th, 2016

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