Stock option compliance on autopilot.

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Synchronize board approvals quickly and efficiently.

A dashboard for your directors

Send board approvals electronically. Watch in real time as your board members approve them.

Connected to everything you do

Use eShares to approve everything you do on the platform, like option grants, FMVs, and financings.

One place for all your minutes and consents

Stop digging through inboxes and folders to find board records. Access them securely on eShares any time.

Remember to file, even when everyone else forgets.

Auto-file 83(b) elections

eShares generates 83(b) elections for your employees' restricted stock. We'll print them out and send them to the IRS using Certified Mail.

Prepare Form 3921 in minutes

Report your ISO exercises on Form 3921. We'll prepare the electronic filing for the IRS, as well as Copy B for your employees.

Built-in checks and reminders at every step.

Document library

Maintain a single repository of your Articles of Incorporation, option plan documents, and more.

Rule 701 check

Run checks on all three Rule 701 tests to ensure that your option grants are issued under compliance.

10% shareholder check

Ensure that the strike price for 10% shareholders is at least 110% of the current Fair Market Value.

ISO/NSO split

Automatically split the NSO portion of ISO option grants that exceed the $100,000 limit.

Authorized capital check

Whenever you issue, eShares ensures that your authorized capital is not exceeded.

NSO tax withholdings

Withhold taxes automatically when employees with NSO option grants exercise through eShares.

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"eShares is the equity platform for this generation. Every other software out there feels like it was built in ’98."

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"eShares has powerful compliance tools for Rule 701 checks, NSO tax withholdings, and the $100K ISO limitation."

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"The eShares UI is impressive. It is so much more intuitive and user friendly than the system we were using before."

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