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Be sure you are compliant and have an audit-defensible FMV at all times.
Compare your common stock price to other private companies at the same stage.
Request a new 409A report at any time.

Easy to use and always up to date.

As many 409A reports as you need

Request a new 409A report any time your company has a material event. We'll remind you to refresh your 409A before it expires after 12 months.

Accurate and defensible

eShares is the largest provider of AICPA-compliant 409A valuations with over 1,400 active clients. We've passed audits from all major auditors.

Always up-to-date

Refreshing your 409A is fast because your cap table data is updated in real time on eShares. Your current FMV will auto-populate when issuing new option grants.

Affordable pricing, expert service.

Our analysts deliver more than 200 AICPA-compliant 409A valuations each month. With a combined 40 years of 409A experience, we've helped our 1,400 clients pass audits from all major auditing firms. At the same time, we can offer affordable prices because your company’s data is already on eShares.

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Industry-leading reports

eShares 409A reports and methodologies are AICPA-compliant and can withstand any audit.

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All models and formulas included

Our reports include the Excel models used in the calculations, with auditable formulas.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is 409A?

Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code aims to ensure option strike prices are not issued below the fair market value ("FMV") of the common stock.

Does my cap table need to be on eShares?

Yes. We are able to offer the best 409A valuation because your cap table data is already on our platform.

Are 409A valutations included in my eShares subscription?

Yes. We'll certify a fair market value for your common stock, and update it every 12 months or in the event of a new financing or material change.

Do I really need a 409A valuation?

Yes. If your company fails to comply with 409A, your employees could be personally liable for immediate taxation, plus a 20% penalty.

How long does it take to get a report?

We'll deliver your 409A report as soon as one business day from the receipt of a complete data set.

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