Cap table management simplified.

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Rewind your cap table to any date in the past.
Drill down into each share class for a detailed view.
See ownership percentages for each stakeholder.

Your cap table on eShares is the single source of truth.

Automated cap table transactions

Every issuance, transfer, repurchase, and termination is executed electronically on eShares. Your cap table is updated in real time with each transaction.

Detailed, powerful reporting

Export your cap table into Excel with one click. Explore a range of reports for scenario modeling, reconciliation, and cap table analysis.

Cap table sharing

Invite board members and investors to your company on eShares to see a detailed or summary view of the cap table.

Every transaction updates the cap table in real time.

ACH option exercises

Link your company bank account so employees can exercise options on eShares. Select a company officer to approve all exercises before they are processed.


Transfer shares from one shareholder to another with a few clicks. Your stock ledger will be updated with the transaction in real time.


Enter a termination date and reason. Unvested shares return to the pool immediately, and vested shares return at the end of the grace period.

Convertible notes and SAFEs

Issue and track your convertible notes or SAFEs on eShares. At conversion, the resulting certificates are linked to the original notes or SAFEs.

Milestone vesting

Incentivize employees to meet specific performance goals with milestone vesting. Create custom tranches that vest as each performance goal is met.

Securities of all types

Issue stock certificates, option grants, warrants, convertible notes, SAFEs, RSAs, RSUs, SARs, EMIs, and Profits Interests with one simple workflow.

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See your shareholders grouped by fund family.
Quickly see who participated in each round, and how much.
Your biggest owners and your biggest investors in one sortable view.

See your cap table from every angle.

Pro-forma modeling

Export a complete pro-forma with the click of a button. Send it to your lawyers to prepare for your next round.

Waterfall modeling

Run a complete waterfall of your cap table. Enter an exit price and see payouts for every entry in the cap table.

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